S.H. Figuarts: Goku Awakening Review

Is this the best Dragon Ball figure yet? Watch and find out!

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Ultimate Source – Killer Instinct – Shadow Jago Review

…actually, this is the figure debut for Ultimate Source, let’s see how well their first release holds up.

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Good Smile – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Statue – Donatello Review

The Final Shellshock!!!
Donatello has finally arrived after 6 WEEKS…DAMN.

LEO REVIEW: https://youtu.be/0R2QICZFGe0
RAPH REVIEW: https://youtu.be/q520qjoYNhE
MIKEY REVIEW: https://youtu.be/d9083exCF94

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YouTube Guilty until Proven Innocent

Earlier in the week, in a move which should surprise absolutely nobody that’s ever been on the bad side of YouTube yesterday took down I Hate Everything’s channel with little explanation given.


Just under 24 hours later, the channel was restored. Not before the damage had been done, though – Alex uploaded a video on what happened shortly after I Hate Everything came back online that was less than effusive of YouTube and its practices.


I Hate Everything : 363K Subs gets no answer from YouTube



The most positive thing about this whole episode is it’s yet another example of YouTube being out-of-touch with its creators. And Sadly I hate Everyone is not the only big YouTuber that did run in some problems in the past week. And for the Full time YouTubers this is a big problem. Imagine if your boss told you out of the blue that you were fired for vague and untrue reasons and that your wages would be withheld.


Channel Awesome: 354K Subs gets no answer from YouTube

What The Hell YouTube?


Here you have Doug Walker form Channel Awesome talking about there Channel Problems. 1 strike has disabled every feature on their account, the YouTube counter DMCA form was not only broken for them, but they needed a different login to the account provided by an completely different and working form.


Eli the Computer Guy: 626K Subs gets no answer from YouTube

YouTube Community Strike Was A False Flag


2 and a half year old video gets him a community strike and his appeal is denied.


AlternateHistoryHub: 497K Subs gets no answer from YouTube

I’m Having Issues With Youtube


Those are just a few channels that are having trouble under the YouTube System.

If you want to read more about this please read also our Article below.

YouTube – No questions asked



YouTube – No questions asked

On April 23rd 2005, the first ever video was uploaded to YouTube. And Since than the Internet was never again the same. The First Video i Saw on YouTube was form Gary Brolsma.


From that point i did know that i wanted to create Videos on Youtube. I did have Many Channels Some small and some big. Must of my channels are gone by now. My AMV Channels are gone due to DMCA. And i lost Channels do to False Flagging. But i am not the only one how lost channels. The Channel i first saw Gary’s Numa Numa Video on also no longer exist.

YouTube’s early years saw the rise of many personalities, who, for the most part, talked about themselves and used the website as a platform to talk about their lives and to relate to an audience. YouTube was what you made of it; a community to meet people or a personal platform to vent and have your voice heard. It was all about you.

Fast-forward to 2016 and it would be hard to say that’s still the case.

Since its acquisition by Google, a slow sea of change has swept through the website.

The video giant’s disrespect towards it content creators stretches further back than it would care to admit. The controversial Content ID system penalized creators that used copyrighted material, whether it came under the umbrella of fair use or not, by halting all revenue to the video and giving it to the copyright holder or by putting a strike on their record. Three strikes and you’re out, deleted from YouTube. No questions asked.

Possibly the most famous case of a YouTuber being punished for using copyright material is AngryJoe’s sudden onslaught of copyright notices, which inspired a memorable rant:

Close to tears, AngryJoe / Joe Vargas, described how unfairly his videos had been flagged. An interview with the creators of Tomb Raider had even been flagged and claimed by the Tomb Raider team, which is almost so unbelievable that it’s funny. Elsewhere, his videos had been monetized by claimants whose content was within the fair use laws and, even though their content took up mere seconds of long form videos, they received all revenue.

And Last Year was the famous false Flag against Jim Sterling.

And of course the famous false DMCA against Mundane Matt. Where the YouTuber Mundane Matt did upload a video called “Hell hath no fury like a lover’s scorn” in which he discusses the implications of the Zoe Post has on games journalism, the unethical behavior of Nathan Grayson, the indie scene and Gone Home. And a false DMCA claim was use to take down Mundane Matt’s Video . Aside from censorship, false DMCA claims are actually considered ‘copyright fraud’.


The distance between YouTube the community and YouTube the corporation is stretched even further by the lack of reachable channels between its creators and administration. Unless you know somebody that knows somebody, you are in bad luck.

Creators should not have to live in fear of the next copyright strike or an unwarranted suspension. In This moment YouTube is the biggest Video Platform in the Internet. If YouTube does not react and does chance their attitude to their Creators they will lose their Creators. And remember MySpace was at some point the biggest Social Network and they lost fast and hard to Facebook.


Google Stands Up For Fair Use

For those concerned about DMCA takedown notifications being abused by media corporations, there is a bit of good news: Google plans to defend targets of DMCA takedowns that they believe have a clear fair use defense. A post made today on Google’s public policy blog lays out some of the details.

We are offering legal support to a handful of videos that we believe represent clear fair uses which have been subject to DMCA takedowns. With approval of the video creators, we’ll keep the videos live on YouTube in the U.S., feature them in the YouTube Copyright Center as strong examples of fair use, and cover the cost of any copyright lawsuits brought against them.

One of the users who will be benefiting from this program is Jim Sterling, who has posted has posted a video on this topic.

YouTube recognized that a DMCA claim against one of his videos where nonsense, and has allowed it to remain on the site. However that particular video will only be available in the US, as Google is not willing to fight a legal battle outside the US. He states that Google has pledged up to a million dollars to support a legal defense if he is taken to court over a spurious copyright claim. His video is also being included in a library of videos that Google believes are clear examples of fair use. The purpose is to educate both content creators and copyright holders on what constitutes fair use.

This might sound pretty good at first, until you realize that this is only supporting a handful of videos. The reason isn’t stated in the post, but we can imagine that the sheer volume of DMCA takedowns is the cause. Even Google’s vast resources would be drained trying to protect every video that was falsely claimed to be infringing.

However, even if Google is only protecting some videos, it may still bring benefits to everyone in the long run. Winning cases could set important legal precedents about the abuse of DMCA notifications. Additionally, once companies start losing cases and have to pay out damages they may be more careful in filing DMCA claims.