Manga Workshops in Luxembourg

Hello dearies!

First of all, I wanted to thank you for reading my monthly Muffin Mag comics! Aand, unfortunately, I have to announce that the publishing comes to an end… Some of you may know that I started working freelance last year, and I didn’t have much time to draw those short stories on a regular basis. I still have a few pages left and am thinking about posting one one the first Monday of the next months.

Anyways, I assume many of you are interested in manga here (silly question?;) so whenever I have time, I’ll try diversifying my posts with more artwork, maybe tutorials or reviews. What would you like to see?:D


For a start, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be animating manga workshops in Luxembourg over the next time – for those who’d like to learn how to draw manga and/or improve their skills!


Summerakademie 2018

From July 16th-27th, you can be part of a 30h creative summer camp in Luxembourg-City where you’ll learn the basics of drawing manga, character-design and more, leading to the final creation of your own story and an exhibition of your artwork, among with many other talented artists, sculptors and crafters. The afternoon sessions are already completely booked out and we reopened a morning session – there are only two weeks left for your inscription, so please be quick if you’d like to participate, seeing as there are limited places !
Inscription with CEPA

Manga Workshop @Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser

In collaboration with Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser (Leudelange, LU), new workshops are planned for the Fall Trimester where you’ll learn the basics of drawing manga, leading to the final creation of your own page! There will be 8x3h lessons from October to December, on Saturdays from 13h30-16h30.
Inscription with Fachmaart Robert Steinhäuser

I’d love to welcome and guide you in those workshops! If you have any questions, if you’d rather prefer online or private lessons, or if you are a business and wish to offer a workshop at your place, please feel free to contact me at !

With love♥

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Sabrina Kaufmann

Independent Artist & Mangaka from Luxembourg. Fairytales, pin-up dolls, silly short stories and art workshops - welcome to my world!

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